Monday, December 21, 2009

Video Of Bear

Hello! Please help us find Bear. Read the story below and please pass it on in any way you can as soon as possible. Time is of the essence! Every minute counts! Thank you!

This Christmas, we tried to do something nice. There was this dog who was living outside in rural Missouri. Several people got together to bring the dog back here to Chicago to a new and loving home, just in time for Christmas. The process of finding him a home took a few months, and coordinating the three legs of the trip took some effort, but finally, FINALLY, last week we did it! Bear, a two year old beagle mix found a lifelong loving home in Oak Park. Great story, right?

Well, having lived outside for all of his young life, Bear did not have any training and on Thursday, he pulled too hard on his leash and got loose. Terrified, he ran with the lease dragging behind him, and ran, and ran. His new owners searched for him for hours, and called local shelters, the police, everyone they could think of. He still has not been found. The two little girls who thought they had a new friend for Christmas are heartbroken. It will not be Christmas for them without Bear.

Please help us to find Bear! The whole purpose of bringing him here was to give him a good loving home where he would be warm and fed and loved. He is probably out there somewhere scared to death of the big city and doesn't know his way home. Won't you please pass this to everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, Email, any way possible and help Bear find his way home for Christmas? He is a beautiful young dog with a loving spirit.

A dog expert that I know, recommends offering him a McDonalds burger (no onions as they are toxic for dogs). He was still wearing a red harness and if you try to catch him you would have to be careful that he doesn't pull backwards or he will be able to pull out of the harness. He could be hiding under a house, in someone's garage or shed. He may be too scared to come to you, so please call me right away if you see him. Thank you so much for caring!

Thank you.
Dancy Bateman