Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Clothing!

What a great idea my friend had! Host a clothing exchange in your home or church.

Here's how it works: Everyone brings clothes in good condition that they or members of their family no longer wear. Whomever brings items to exchange gets to look through the clothing, try things on, choose whatever clothing they would like to take home, and enjoy each others company. If there are any clothes left at the end of the evening, it can be donated to the charity of your choice. This is a great way to get rid of clothes you no longer wear and get new ones without spending any money! With Fall emerging, this is an especially good time to trade seasonal clothing.

For a little twist, you can have everyone bring a nonperishable food donation for your local food pantry. Many food pantries are struggling and with the colder months just ahead, it is only going to get worse. You can do this with food, toiletries, or anything that someone else can use.

To put a different spin on the exchange, make it a theme centered around children. Bring their outgrown clothes or toys. You can even work out play dates or offer to exchange babysitting services.

What other kinds of ideas can you come up with? We would love to hear from you!